The correct preservation of photographs and documents allows the preservation not only of the paper artefact, but also of the historical memory inherent in the good itself.

Store with suitable materials, certified by specific laboratories that have certified the validity of the product through the P.A.T. (Photographic Activity Test) means being able to preserve with better guarantees for the following generations.

Sometimes you just need a little attention and set your own goals before deciding how to archive.

Archiving is a storage process that is not only indicated by a codification and, perhaps by a digitalisation of the document, but by a precise method that foresees the choice of the material:

   - where to keep the document
   - how to save
   - how to store

The methods and choices are often linked to economic and space factors. For these reasons it is necessary to formulate in advance a project that takes into account the different aspects, both conservative and economic.

In planning, more hypotheses must be made comparing conservative qualities according to the types of goods, being aware of the various dangers associated with the use of the goods and the relative environmental parameters that must be absolutely taken into consideration.

Our consultancy becomes essential precisely in the planning phase. Based on the knowledge learned in the archive analysis phase, it will be possible to formulate several proposals, mainly due to the conservation of the artefacts and the intrinsic economic value.

One of the main assessments that must be made is that the lack of economic resources must not be a limit for one's own archive.

 The budgeted amount can be subdivided by steps, giving priority for example to the most fragile artifacts, more conservatively at risk.

It is important to provide a method of archiving.

An archive that has badly designed its own method may incur in:

- Loss of time (work needs to be done again)

- Economic loss (waste of purchased material, sometimes loss of the artifact that has been degraded due to the use of unsuitable products)

- Redesign the filing of assets (additional costs to resume archiving)

Our consultancy therefore becomes essential to let archivists, conservators and collectors know what they are

    - Methods
    - Materials
    - Evaluation of risks and overall costs

Much of the advice takes place in advance via email or by telephone. Subsequently, an over-run is desirable, to assess the practical location and physical and environmental conditions and assess the suitability of the containers of origin, assessing conditions and any changes.

Consultations are carried out throughout Italy free of charge in the event of certain purchases.

In cases of specific requests, an evaluation will be made jointly that satisfies both the client and the experts of Ophis srls.



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