Anoxia is a particular kind of intervention aimed at the disinfection and disinfestation of an asset: it consists in the atmospheric conditioning of a prepared and controlled environment, placed around the good to be treated.

With a simple but delicate process, once the object to be disinfested is placed in a special casing, the oxygen is selectively removed. In this way only the percentage of oxygen is altered, while the relative humidity and intrinsic characteristics of the good remain unchanged, thanks to the help of humidity stabilizers.

Biologically the parasites, in altered atmospheric conditions, die by asphyxiation and dehydration.

Not using chemical reagents, this system is optimal both for the work and for the operator; furthermore, as these are mobile and ad hoc-equipped casings, the anoxic treatment makes it possible to operate on site, eliminating the need to move the goods.

The time of exposure to the treatment varies according to the parasites that infest it and the material of which the good is composed.

Our company, in addition to providing, for those who wanted it, various products for anoxia, carries out anoxic disinfestation and consultancy services.




stabilizzatore di umidita

    CATALOGO PRODOTTI                    



innovativo stabilizzatore dinamico di umidità



Below are some images of some OTT-ART showcases and climabox that we propose for the correct use of Propadyn














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