Ophis provides consulting services in the field of restoration, anoxic processes and the conservation of photographic and archival material to museums, collectors, libraries and archives, suggesting appropriate methods for asset management; Diagnostic activities, performed before any direct intervention and necessary for the identification of the specific problems of the material and its degradation. The results obtained thanks to diagnostics allow you to plan the actual restoration project.
Together with these activities, the company periodically organizes training and refresher courses for restorers and sector employees.

Since 2002 it has expanded its activity with a section that deals with the sale of products for the conservation of photographic and archival material, the search for suitable and innovative materials in the field of museum conservation. In this context, the Ophis representatives provide technical assistance to individuals, collectors and public administrations in the selection of suitable materials for the preservation of documentary material, also carrying out inspections and estimates.

The materials used for storing documents and photographs must have characteristics that do not alter their chemical and physical structure. Poor quality envelopes, boxes and containers can quickly and irreversibly deteriorate the works stored in them. It is therefore necessary that the choice of materials for archiving is based on the principle of the chemical inertia of the non-acidity of the products.

The wide range of materials shown in this catalog fully meets these characteristics, offering different storage solutions.

Our materials are guaranteed to comply with the regulations on the conservation of photographic materials.

(ISO Standards - International Standard Organization - and ANSI - American National Standard Institute).

Many of the products are custom made. For information on formats and estimates, please contact us.


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